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Securit Chalk Pens

Discover our new range of professional liquid chalk pens from Securit ®. Their simple yet classic designs provide solutions for day to day use. Securit chalk pens are a great tool for any artist’s arsenal.

Securit chalk pens make a great alternative to the Kuretake Zig Posterman chalk markers which are soon to be discontinued.

You can use these products to be super creative inside your own walls or even start a new design outdoors too! Their various sizes make it super easy to be inspired and create a fun, interactive design of any shape. Securit marker pens have a reputation as being reliable with great versatility.

Easy to clean Securit Chalk Marker Pens

Securit chalk marker pens are known for their ability to be easily cleaned. Their wet wipe chalk pens can be cleaned with water. We have a comprehensive collection of both wet wipe chalk pens and waterproof chalk pens.