Kuretake Zig Posterman Wet Wipe Pens

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Wet-Wipe Zig Posterman Pens

Are you ready to get creative? The Kuretake Zig Posterman Wet-wipe marker pens aren’t just made for chalkboards they can also be used on windows, mirrors and ceramics! This easy-clean pen is perfect if you like to change your creative frequently.

Zig wet wipe chalk markers are great if you like to change your menu or blackboard a lot. These chalk pens simply wipe off with a wet cloth and allow you to create a brand new message easily.

Kuretake chalk markers are renowned for their reliability and ease of use. Simply pick up the marker and use the pump action nib to get your ink flowing. Our wet wipe marker sets come in a variety of sizes with 6mm and 15mm nibs available. We have a fantastic variety of colours from black wet wipe chalk pens to red, gold, silver, mixed and white chalk markers available.

Buying Zig chalk markers online is so easy with Chalkpens. Your order comes from a UK location and arrives quickly meaning you’ll be using your wet wipe marker in no time.