Chalk pens for blackboards, chalkboards, whiteboards, a-frames and menus from the UK.

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Our huge range of liquid chalk marker pens are available as wet wipe chalk marker pens and waterproof chalk pens. These are available in a vibrant range of colours including white. With pens to write on glass, ceramic, wood, plastic and paper you can bring your surfaces to life with chalkboard pens which are easy to use and clean. Our waterproof chalk pens allow you to make a mark that lasts in an outdoor setting which is perfect for sandwich boards and menus. With a fantastic range of blackboard pens and chalkboard markers, you’ll find the right pen at a great price.

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What is a chalk pen?

Chalk marker pens are popular art tools which are often used by pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafes. They combine the flexibility of chalk to write a message and erase it quickly but have the control of a pen. The liquid chalk ink is a paint-like formula which gives an opaque and smooth finish and has the ability to write on non porous surfaces. These work similarly to a paint pen but don’t leave the same mess as regular chalk. Wet wipe chalk ink will not smear or smudge until it is removed with water.

Are chalk pens erasable?

Yes. Most chalk pens wipe off easily. Wet wipe chalk marker pens are washable with a damp cloth. Waterproof chalk marker pens can be easily erased using blackboard and chalk pen cleaning solution which makes it easy to get chalk marker off of a chalkboard. You can buy Securit chalk pen cleaner which comes in a handy 500ml spray bottle from Chalkpens.

Chalk pens are best used on non porous surfaces as porous surfaces absorb the liquid chalk ink and leave ghosting behind. It’s always good to test a small area of the surface you intended to paint.

Chalk Pens are Fantastic For The Classroom

Get expressive in the classroom and create new ways to bring subjects such as maths, science, history and art to life. Our range of liquid chalk pens are a great educational supply tool that writes on blackboards, chalkboards and whiteboards. Make teaching materials more colourful for nursery, primary, secondary and high school kids.

What Surfaces Do Chalk Pens Work On?

Chalk pens are very versatile due to liquid chalk ink working flawlessly on many surfaces. These great pens work on ceramic, metal, plastic, glass doors, windows, cafe menus, pub boards, mirrors and slate. They are fantastic for arts and craft projects as well as DIY. You can easily decorate birthday parties, Halloween, Valentines, Christmas, pubs, restaurants and furniture with these incredible pens. The best part about liquid chalk markers is that they don’t leave behind the dusty mess of old traditional chalk sticks and they produce beautiful crisp lines and colour.