Posca Paint Pens & Graffiti Markers

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Paint marker pens let you combine the flexibility of paint with the control of a pen. Whether you are an expert artist or drawing beginner we have a range of paint pens and markers to suit you.

Paint markers substitute traditional ink for paint, essentially they are pens that write with paint. This may sound obvious but many people confuse this issue.

What are acrylic paint pens?

Acrylic paint markers are the perfect tool for drawing on metal and glass. Posca is known for being the best paint pens for plastic. They work well on surfaces which are not greasy or waxy. They are particularly popular as graffiti markers.

Most paint pens use oil-based paint however acrylic paint or water-based paint is also frequently used.

Our huge range includes Uni Posca paint marker pens which are often reviewed as the best paint markers to buy online. These use fast drying water based paint which is really easy to use. They are extremely popular amongst both arts and crafts communities and graffiti artists.

These pens can be used to decorate almost anything and can write on glass, ceramic, plastic and metal. These are ideal pens for all types of artwork.

Are paint pens waterproof?

Uni Posca paint marker pens are designed to be used outdoors. They use waterbased paint which is water-resistant. They are permanent on porous surfaces and non-permanent on non-porous surfaces.

Can you use Posca Paint Pens on Glass?

Posca paint pens are the best pens for writing on glass. Before you use these pens to paint on glass you should use the pump action tip to get the paint flowing on a piece of paper before you get painting and decorating. Many people in arts and crafts use these pens for decorating jars, drinking glasses and car windows.

How to make Posca Paint Markers Permanent

Many people use Posca pens because they can write on just about any surface. But how do you make this permanent?
Below is a guide on how to make your design last on different surfaces:

  • Wood: Coat in a clear varnish
    Glass: Bake at 160 degrees for around 45 mins then coat with clear varnish
    Metal: Coat in a clear varnish
    Fabrics/Textiles: Iron the reverse side of the fabric/textile
    Ceramics: Bake at 220 degrees for 45 mins
    Paper & Card: Already permanent. Ink will be absorbed fully.
    Plastic: Coat in a clear varnish