Wet Wipe Chalk Pens

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Wet Wipe Chalk Pens

Wet wipe chalk pens are great for indoor use because they can be erased with a wet cloth or sponge. These chalk markers are versatile and can write on a whole host of non-porous surfaces are perfect for chalkboards. Indeed many restaurants, cafes and pubs use these easy to clean chalk pens for their menus and drinks lists. They are great for highlighting special offers on your chalkboard as they can be easily changed and rubbed out.

We have a fantastic range of wet wipe chalk pens from Zig Posterman and Securit. These incredible wet wipe pens come in a range of nib sizes including 1mm, 2mm, 6mm, 7mm and 15mm.

There is a range of colours available in different pen sets and packs.

The best pen colour to use on blackboards are the white wet wipe chalk pens. The best colour for use on whiteboards is the black wet wipe chalk marker.

If you are looking for a more permanent message you should check out our range of waterproof chalk pens.

Buying your wet wipe chalk marker online is really simple and your order comes from the UK so your chalk pens will be with you quickly.
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