Kuretake Zig Posterman Biggie

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Zig Posterman Biggie Pens

Create a large scale work of art that packs a punch with the Zig Posterman Biggie pen! Available with a 30mm and 50mm tip you can dare to be bold with your message!

The Zig Posterman Biggie is a fast and light waterproof chalk pen which is perfect for both internal and external use. It’s a great pen to write on wood, glass, plastic, metal, ceramic and stone. It’s a versatile pen that is easy to use.

The large nibs on these chalk pens make them perfect blackboard pens that make a big impact. If you are looking for a paint pen that leaves a lasting impression choose the Zig Biggie chalk pen for your whiteboards, blackboards, menus and walls.

Buying Kuretake Zig chalk markers online is so easy. Our chalk pens are simple to order and arrive quickly from the UK. So order your Zig Posterman Chalk pen and save today.

The Zig Posterman Chalk Pen Range

The Zig Posterman is renowned as a high-quality waterproof chalk pen, but did you know that Zig Markers also come as wet wipe marker too? These marker pens are highly prized by the arts and crafts community and the liquid chalk pens come in a variety of sizes and colours such as green, blue orange, black and white.

Waterproof Glass Paint Pens from Zig Pens

These waterproof chalk pens are often used by chalkboard artists to create large and long-lasting messages. Pub, clubs and cafes also use these pens to write on windows as they are perfect for writing on glass. The ink is not permanent on non-porous surfaces but is weather resistant.