Chameleon Pens

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What are Chameleon pens?

Chameleon marker pens from Chameleon art products are special alcohol markers which give you more control over colour shades than normal art pens. They are a great alternative for Copic marker pens. These refillable chameleon pens and markers have an innovative colour mixing chamber which creates highlight and shadows, unlike any other pen on the market. This takes your creativity up a notch by adding delicate gradations and blending to your work and art.

Chameleon Art Pens UK

Get Chameleon Marks Pens from a UK seller with a fantastic range of art pens.

Chalkpens are delighted to be stocking this wonderful range of Chameleon colour tone pens, if you’re looking for something so much more than a marker then these artists pens are just for you. With the ability to generate several tones from a single pen they eliminate tonal gaps in your art pen collections.

Get Chameleon Pens Cheap From Chalkpens

Chameleon art pens from the UK can be expensive but here at Chalkpens we offer great deals on Chameleon Pens. The colour tones range is available from only £14.99. You also get FREE delivery with orders over £50.

Features of Chameleon Pens?

  • – Easy and versatile colour gradations
    – Flexibility to create depth, shadow and highlight
    – Reliability with more ink than most markers
    – Chameleon Colour Tones can be used just like a regular marker pen
    – Chameleon Pens are permanent on plastic, wood, glass and fabric
    – Works with your existing pens
  • How to Use Chameleon Pens

    Chameleon pen nibs are some of the finest point brush nibs you can get. There is also a bullet tip nib behind the mixing chamber. This is great for drawing things like animal fur or things with a lot of texture.

    Using chameleon pens is really simple. You mix the ink with the alcohol solution to control the shades of your colour in the mixing chamber. It takes a little bit of practice but once you’ve had a few test illustrations you’ll be able to create rich images with lots of depth.

    The more alcohol solution you mix into the pen nib the lighter your shade becomes. The creates phenomenal control of colour and saves buying lots of pens in similar shades. When you are mixing these colours always keep the mixing chamber up so the alcohol solution mixes with the ink smoothly.

    Chameleon pens are a great choice for arts and crafts and creating beautiful drawings and illustrations. If you are used to using multiple markers these pens could be a great alternative for you.

    Best Paper for Chameleon Pens?

    One of the fantastic things about Chameleon markers is that they use permanent ink. This means that you can get creative on more than just paper. The best paper for Chameleon Pens is thick paper stock. Illustration board is best for these markers rather using normal printer paper or drawing paper. The ink saturation on normal paper may be a little high, so you need to layer the paper so the ink does not bleed through.

    Are Chameleon Pens alcohol based?

    Yes, these pens are alcohol-based and are a great tool for any artist.

    Discover a whole new world full of vibrant colour with this fantastic range from Chameleon markers! Helping you to add extra dimensions and tones to your artwork Chameleon pens will make your creations stand out from the crowd.

    Chameleon pens come with a great review and are known for their build quality and ability to add depth and colour to your illustrations in a way that cheap pens can’t compete with.

    These art pens are shipped from the UK and come as part of a pen set. Pick up yours today from Chalkpens.

    Buy Chameleon Pens Online

    Finding and buying chameleon pens cheap online can be difficult. These fantastic art pens are sought after for their ability to colour blend but here at Chalkpens you can find the colour tone pen set range at a great price.

    Why Buy Chameleon Pens?

    The main feature which artists love about chameleon art pens is that they let you ‘colour like no other’. They are a truly innovative product which adds another dimension to your artistic tool kit. The big difference between chameleon pens and others is the fact that they are alcohol-based markers. Most pens on the market are water-based markers which take longer to dry than chameleon pens. This helps to lock in the colour quickly and blend colours seamlessly.

    Chameleon colour tones come in 5 packs and at £14.99 they are a bargain that really takes your artwork to another level.