Kuretake Zig Illumigraph

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Kuretake Zig Illumigraph Pens

Kuretake Zig Illumigraph helps your message stand out on the busiest high street! Did you know that the opaque and fluorescent is reactive to UV light? No need to worry about blending in with the crowd with the Zig Illumigraph!

The Illumigraph zig is a well-reviewed pen that writes well on glass and plastic and has a reputation as a well-built marker. The markers really do help you stand out as they are fluorescent and are suitable for use on lighted signs.

These special pens actually glow when light is passed through. They are often used by restaurants and coffee shops to help bring attention to menus and signs. They also dazzle in bars and night clubs and are incredibly useful for arts and crafts in the home.

Being a wet wipe marker they are easy to clean with a wet cloth.

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