Posca Paint Pens

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Posca Paint Pens

Chalkpens has a large range of Posca paint marker pens which are easy to buy online and can be used to decorate just about anything. These markers offer the texture of paint in the control of a pen. Posca paint pens use a water-based paint that can be applied to lots of surfaces such as glass, ceramic, chalkboards and even rocks!

These paint marker pens from Posca are fantastic for beginners and experts alike. With a range of colours and nib sizes, you’ll be able to create outlines and detail easily.

Our fabulous range of paint pens is popular for creating graffiti art as well as used for home decoration and arts and crafts. These Uniball pens come in a variety of sizes and colours. They come individually to offer you the greatest flexibility.

All Uni posca pens ordered from Chalkpens are shipped from our UK warehouse so you get quick delivery and can begin to use your paint pen. Buy your Uniball Posca paint marker pen today.

Deals on Posca Pens

Chalkpens have a fabulous range of Posca Paint Pens at great prices. Find your Posca marker pen today!

How to Use Posca Pens

The first step to writing with Posca pens is to clean the surface which you will write on. Posca pens can write on glass, plastic and ceramics but a great finish is certain if the writing area is clean.

You then simply grab your pen and begin to write and draw as normal.