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Posca pens were founded in 1983 and the markers have earned a reputation as one of the best paint pens around. Used by both the business and urban art communities, Posca paint pens can write on a whole variety of different surfaces.


Posca paint pens produce bright, vivid colours for illustrations and hobbies and are well known to provide a smooth and even application.

Paint pens from Posca can write on many surfaces and are great pens to write on glass, plastic, metal and wood. Indeed, many famous graffiti artists use posca paint pens above all others. Whether you need a fine-tip posca pen or a thick paint pen we have a wide range of markers available for you.

These water-based pigment inked pens are lightfast and water-resistant and write on virtually any surface and have been used to create surfboard designs as well as stand out messages on chalkboards, blackboards and walls.

Posca pens come in a wide variety of colours from black and white to a rainbow of assorted colours. You can buy posca pens as singles for maximum flexibility.

Posca Paint Pens

Our fantastic range of Posca pens come in 3 different sizes at 0.7mm, 2.5mm and 15mm nibs available to produce varying line widths.

Chalkpens have one of the UK’s most fantastic range of Posca Paint Marker Pens. These come in many different sets and packs. Did you know that Posca paint pens are water based acrylic paint markers?

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These paint marker pens from Posca are fantastic for beginners and experts alike. With a range of colours and nib sizes you’ll be able to create outlines and detail really easily.

Our fabulous range of paint pens is popular for creating graffiti art as well as used for home decoration and arts and crafts. These Uniball pens come in a variety of sizes and colours. They come individually to offer you the greatest flexibility.

All Uni posca pens ordered from Chalkpens are shipped from our UK warehouse so you get quick delivery and can begin to use your paint pen. Buy your Uniball Posca paint marker pen today.

White Posca Paint Markers

White posca pens are the most popular pen from our range of paint pens. With white paint markers in 0.7mm, 2.5mm and 15mm nib sizes we have the perfect marker to suit your project. These water-based pigment ink pens are non-toxic and are ideal for writing on glass, metal and plastic.