Kuretake Zig Acrylista Pens

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Zig Acrylista Paint Marker Pens

The Zig Acrylista is permanent marker pen with a chisel tip. They are a water-based pigment chalk pens. They are waterproof after drying and give a matte paint effect finish.

The perfect liquid chalk pen to show off your artistic flair, the Zig Acrylista paint chalk marker pen is perfect to use on a whole range of surfaces including wood, metal plastic ceramic and glass!

So if you’re looking for a paint pen to write on wood or a pen for glass the Acrylista has got you covered.

The acrylista range are the best pens to write on glass and make your windows stand out. To use the Zig Acrylista you simply use the pump action nib which allows the liquid ink to flow freely on lots of different surfaces. So get creative on your ceramic and glass surfaces with these ceramic pens and paint pens from chalkpens.

These versatile pens are known for their great build quality, reliability and fantastic action.

Paint Pens For Wood, Glass and Ceramic

If you are looking to write on glass, ceramic or wood then the Zig Acrylista pen range will be perfect for you. These permanent ink paint markers are designed to be weather resistant meaning your message will stand the test of time. These glass pens are used often to write messages on windows as they are not permanent on non-porous surfaces like glass and ceramics.

Zig pens have a reputation for being reliable and producing vivid colours.