Fun and Easy Resources for Lettering

Summer is here and what better way to spend a nice sunny day than to practice your lettering. Grab a spot at the park with your paper and pens or if that doesn’t suit then why not sit in your back garden with some good music and start your lettering!

Moving within the lines

We understand not everyone has a steady hand when it comes to lettering. Instead of getting frustrated, why not try ways that can help you become an expert? Instant Display offer a wide variety of different lettering templates which can help anyone to get kickstarted. Download, print and simply grab your pen. Using the uni-ball Posca pen with a medium bullet tip in black can help you with those thicker (but not too wide!) lines.

Practice makes perfect

Who said cheat sheets aren’t a great way of starting off your learning skills? Create your own practice sheets instead and begin your hand lettering. @calligink shows us how this can be done in a simple but yet effective way. Pens with a finer nib are the way forward when it comes to this learning method. We recommend the Securit® assorted pack which gives you the choice of any bright colour you might prefer.

Be inspired

The first step to trying out your lettering skills is finding the right inspiration to begin with. Some people prefer a certain font to others, find the one that best represents your style and get started today. We believe the following artists can provide you with some great inspiration.

Stabilo Sensor is the ideal starter 4pack when it comes to trying out some finer lines.
However, if you want more of a brush paint effect, we would recommend the Chameleon tones in Primary since this set allows you to create flawless colour graduations.

Switch up style

Looking to try out more than one style of lettering? If you’re feeling rather brave and somewhat ambitious, @AmandaRachLee shows you 50 different styles of lettering to begin with. Some may be easy, some may not be as easy however, you’ll never know how good you can be until you try!

YouTube it

We can admit that looking at someone else’s work doesn’t always make it easier to process so sometimes something slightly more detailed can help. This video tutorial by Sho Kobe might help. You can always stop and go back whenever the mood suits you. The uni-ball Posca 15mm in white is the perfect pen for this type of lettering.

Practice makes perfect

And before you know it, you have gone from a beginner level to being a pro. Very well done to you!

Lettering is a great way of showing off your artistic flair in a delicate and soft manner. However, we do like some bold statements too and this lettering by @moffettype is just the right one to finish off this blog. Grab your Chalkpens today and be creative!