Essentials To Add To Your Art Kit

A creative’s art kit is something that’s ever-changing and it should be completely bespoke to the artist’s style and discipline. Some have a very edited collection of pens and tools, others collect in different ways that results in a variation of a Mary Poppins bag.

Between Pastel And Pencil

Yes, you read it right. A pencil with the characteristics of a pastel; amazing pigments, seamless blending possibilities – it’s the best of both worlds! The Stabilo Carbothello pencils are an artist’s dream and is a great fit for all skill-levels.

The incredible @luca_tedde and @polaisdrawing have been using Carbothello pastel pencils for many of their pieces and the results are breathtaking.

The Perfect Paint Pen

They come in many colours, shapes and sizes. So identifying the perfect paint pen to add to your art kit can, like all good things, take some time. You should consider the size of your artwork, when doing this. Do you usually create large scale art like @surfartbytyler and @ewejintee or does your work require more detailing?

The 15 MM paint pen from Posca is loved by many artists due to the ink’s smooth consistency and its versatility. If you’re interested in other sizes, have a look around here.


A great fineliner, that doesn’t smudge or bleed through paper can help you put the final touches to your artwork.

We think the way @barbsotiart uses the combination of acrylics and this fineliner creates such a beautiful result.

 A White Contrast Colour

Adding a good quality, opaque white colour to your collection can help you in many ways. Highlights won’t fade after they dry and you’ll have the opportunity to expand your art to dark coloured surfaces like @faunwood does brilliantly.

Your art kit is something that grows and evolves over time, the same way your skills do. Keeping this up to date and having access to great tools to work with will inspire you to expand your view on both your artistic boundaries and what exactly inspires you.