Artist Tips & Tricks

Deciding which type of pen to buy...

The "Wet-wipe" and "Illumigraph" pens are designed for internal use. They wipe off any non-porous surface easily with a damp cloth and are ideal for messages that get changed daily. The "Semi-permanent" and "Woodcraft" pens are both waterproof when dry and are designed for outdoor use. They will not wash off easily but they can still be removed from any non-porous surface with a damp cloth using "Mr Muscle Multitask Cleaner" or our "Zig Chalkboard Cleaner" which is available to buy from this site under "Pen Accessorise"

How to get the ink onto the pen nib...

Shake the pen well before use. Get a piece of scrap paper and hold the pen vertical with the pen nib on the paper. Push the pen up and down - this will release the ink from the pen barrel. Hold it down for a few seconds and wiggle the pen and let the ink bleed onto the nib. It might take about 30 seconds before you see any ink!

Chalkboard Artists & Signwriters

We highly recommend using a Chalkboard Artist or Signwriter to do your pub Chalkboards/Aboards. Better board, better profit! We supply to lots of Chalkboard Artists across the UK. So please feel free to get in touch and we might know someone in your area.