7 Ways to decorate your home this Easter!

Credits to: pixabay

Are you an inventive person and always looking for ways to let your creativity flow? Well, we believe the following tips are a great way to help you kick off your Easter fun this spring!


What is the one thing we all crave during Easter? It is indeed those delicious chocolate Easter eggs, however, if you’re looking to add more of a personal touch and a splash of colour to your home we recommend trying out these great designs on regular eggs. Make your eggs stand out just like @kelsey_andrews_designs by using ultra-fine bullet tip Posca pens and get started on those delicate lines right away!


Looking for something a bit simpler? We’ve got you covered. You can easily decorate eggs of a different kind instead.

Using thick paper, cut out small oval shapes to resemble an egg and just add fun little sketches in the same way @elisabethechristina shows us right here. It’s fun, it’s easy and you can simply hang these up anywhere you want. If you would like to be more colourful, Chameleon tones in primary are a great set for those Easter colours.


Are you the owner of a cafe or a bar? Now is the time to start your Easter designs and show off your skills. What to draw is completely up to you but we do think this hand lettering by @chalkitupoccasions is simply lovely! If you’re worried about not having such a steady hand, @ewert1806’s design with thicker lines might just do the trick for you. Zig Acrylista in 6mm will help you start on your colourful lines.


When it comes to Easter, we all feel slightly happier knowing spring is just around the corner and what better way to spread this feeling than with a little bit of art? If you have glass windows or doors that are bare, why not go ahead and add your own personal touch. Don’t struggle for ideas, that’s why we’re here! @jacquimckinnonart is giving us some great inspiration, however, you can do anything you choose to.

From a full-size bunny rabbit to just colourful and fun Easter eggs, everything is possible. Just have fun and enjoy. Using our Securit range, your design will turn out a work of art.


Ah, how much do we all love receiving cards! Cards shouldn’t be limited to just Christmas, don’t you agree? Why not create your own and send fun Easter wishes to your loved ones? Not only does it show how thoughtful you are, but your friends and family will appreciate the gesture and you never know, those creme eggs may just increase in volume! @deanasaszg goes simple and gives us easter vibes with this fun illustration. Order your Chalkpens and be ahead of the game.


Decorating your home is easy, all you need is a bit of creativity. Do you have an overabundance of glasses and none of them quite eye-catching? Grab 4 or 5, depending on how many you would like to place on your table and be creative with our Zig Posterman Wet Wipes for those vibrant colours. Easy to use on glass and they can be removed with a damp cloth and water.



Are you a plant lover? Why not use old metal tubs or old tin buckets and create plant holders. You don’t necessarily have to focus on adding Easter artwork, you can simply draw whatever you prefer. From smiley bunny faces to just writing Hoppy Easter – you decide! If you would rather not use these for your plants you can always add your chocolate eggs instead for that extra Easter cheer. Posca Bullet Tip in black will help you achieve that precision.