7 Tips to Organize your Planner!

Keeping your life in order is never easy, however we believe with these few tips you might just be able to do so. Organising your planner is basically the way forward for leading a less chaotic life and what better way to relax than knowing everything is in hand 👌

#1 Note to Self..

Making little inspiring notes is a great way to help you start your day on the right foot. Grab a Uniball Posca Medium Bullet Tip pen in black and start jotting down and add pictures that will make you smile. Your planner is your sacred little world, make it as unique and as personal to you. @auhrels can give you the kickstart you need.

#2 Day by Day

Customising your planner doesn’t have to be hard. Use a little bit of your creativity and test out your skills today. Start off by noting down the days and then just add your touch to fill out the page. If you prefer to just keep it simple, then writing down dates instead can work just as well too. @tinysilverlinings and @seed_successful_you’s ideas are too good not to share with you!

#3 Good Vibes Only

We’re still in those summer months before autumn comes round the corner. If you’re still feeling the heat and want to keep the theme going, why not take a leaf out of @julia.pezowics’s planner and recreate your own? Jot down your daily tasks and find a way to make it happen.  It’s simple but oh so colourful. And we have to admit we are definitely loving those good vibes! Use our Stabilo pointMax handwriting pens and get prepping.

#4 It’s a habit you see

It doesn’t always have to be about writing. Choosing how to style your planner might seem tricky but we’re here to help and lead you to the right direction. Are you a creature of habit and like to track down every aspect of your daily life? Then @ashtyn_plans ideas are the right start for you. 

Not sure if your creativity stretches that far? We recommend our Busy B Busy Life Mid Year Diary 2019/20 in Safari Nights. It will keep you right from now until August 2020! 📔

#5 When life gives you lemons

Some days we might feel better than others and some days we might even feel on top of the world! Have you noticed a certain pattern in your mood swings? Why not put these down on paper. @seed_successful_you shows us how we can keep a track of our ever changing moods. It’s easy and refreshing!

#6 Doctor who?

Are you a big movie fan? With all these TV & movie releases lately, it’s hard to keep track of the ones you’re most excited about. Make your life easier and fill out your planner with @birdybujo’s recommendation of a TV tracker and you’ll never miss out on an episode or premiere!

#7 Zzzzzzzzz

Last but definitely not least. We all know how important a good night’s sleep is. Have you ever wondered how much sleep you’re getting in a full month? Are you resting your body as much as you should? If you have time on your hands and looking for something to do, an easy way of keeping track is by doing this simple sleep log @bujo.by.lo

Hope you have enjoyed our simple ideas of adding and organising your planner! Check out our great range of planners & diaries and never forget your plans again ✍️.