7 Personalised Instruments To Inspire You

Making music is all about expression so the fact that many musicians also express themselves through custom instruments isn’t all that surprising. If you feel the same way and your hands are itching to add a personal touch to your beloved instrumental, we’ve gathered some inspiring dapper-looking pieces for you.

1. This Striking Violin

This violin is customised by @cindyguitars and we think it looks gorgeous. The eye for detail and subtle highlights finish this design perfectly. If you love this style of design and want to create your own spin on it, we would recommend using these ultra fine posca pens in black and white for both the crisp line-work and the highlights.

2. These Custom Cymbals

We think that @woodlandpercussion absolutely smashed it with the creation of this project! If you’re feeling inspired by this incredible piece, then you’re definitely not the only one. The globe design that decorates the ride requires more white fields than the compass design of the hat – that’s why we would recommend this paint pen. The 15 MM fiber tip is very efficient for filling up larger areas.

3. A Colourful Ukulele

This ukulele kind of looks exactly like it sounds! This fun and vibrant design by @salty_hippie was created with the Posca pens. These pens have an excellent opacity and pigment, perfect for those who have a strong and lively design in mind. For more colour options, check out this variation of pens.

4. A Playful Piano

Are you a fervent doodler? Then @cedriclatouffe’s design will definitely resonate with you! For the creation of strong, bold, black lines we would recommend using a pen like this! However, for the white outlines or when you want to clean up your designs the white Securit pens will help you do the job.

5. This Clean Bass

This modern, symmetric design by @luckystrike_designs elevates the already impressive bass to the next level. The Acrylista range includes some great colour to add to your colour palette. However, if you are feeling you want some bolder colours, this primary pack is for you!

6. Guitar

If you’re looking for a rather subtle way to decorate your instrument, then this next example might inspire you! Although @willowdeepstudio decorated this guitar with 23 karat gold, a more cost effective alternative to achieve a similar style would be these gold paint markers.

This Funky Drum

No better canvas for your band’s art than the kick drum! @drshorty773 thought the same thing and created this amazing design that will definitely not be left unnoticed!