5 Creative Uses for Chalk Pens

So you’ve used your chalk pens to write on your board, but what now? We show you some creative uses for your chalk pens you can easily do!

1. Chalk Paint Lids

Paint the lids of jars with chalkboard paint and then use your chalk pen (either wet wipe or waterproof) to label them with the item that is in it. Once it runs out you can then wipe it off and re-label it without the fuss!

Image: ItAllStartedWithPaint

2. Chalkboard Fridge

Need to leave a note to remember to buy milk? Why not make your fridge into a chalk board! Simply paint whichever amount of your fridge you want to be your chalkboard with magnetic primer then chalk board paint. Then you’re free to decorate and write whatever you want with your Chalkpens! Find out details here.


Image: The Handmade Home

3. Window/Glass Art

Did you know that our wet wipe and waterproof Chalk pens can be used on windows and glass? It gives you an easy way to spruce up a room for a low cost and are easily removable.


Image: Pinterest

4. Personalised Wrapping Paper

Impress your friends and family with DIY wrapping paper! Draw/write whatever you want in whichever colours you want on some black craft paper and VOILA! Personalised wrapping paper for the special people in your life. We think this would look amazing using our Illumigraph range for a super bright look!

Image: Going Home to Roost

5. DIY Coasters

If you’re struggling to find coasters that you like, why not make them yourself? Buy plain coasters in a non-porous material (ceramic is best), create your chosen design and seal with a sealing spray. Use our Metallic Gold Chalk pens to achieve the look in the photo.

Image: Boxwood Avenue

We hope we have inspired you to get the most our of your chalkpens! If you try any, make sure to tweet us your results!